5 Ways to Stretch Jordans (Complete Guide)

How to Stretch Jordans?

Did you know two-thirds of the people wear shoes that are too narrow-fitting for them? Getting the perfect shoes for your feet can be challenging, especially if they are branded and famous. Finding the ideal size for your favorite style is like finding a treasure! Many Jordans fans sometimes complain about getting the wrong size … Read more

7 Ways to Break in Jordan 1s (Complete Guide)

How to Break in Jordan 1s?

Having a pair of Jordan 1s is fantastic, but your excellent feeling might vanish if you start using those without some break-in strategies. Don’t worry!  This article will give you a complete guideline for your Jordan 1s break-in.  However, protecting the main spots, pushing the toe-heel, tightening shoe laces,  wearing thick socks, blowing, etc., are … Read more

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